oh what fun, to record your run!

So much fun to watch the routes of our scouts. Watch this run, how could this scout improve next time?

So much fun to carry a gps in your pack so you can see what you did after the race is over.

Check out this App called Control Orienteering to map your route. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/control-orienteering-analysis/id1329182939

Scouts planning Routes

Orienteering is such a valuable skill. Come try it out at the annual Spring-O. This event is Mar 2 in Central Texas and Mar 22 in North Texas (see Longhorn council).

Also, we share our teaching material and local maps with you here.

Registration opening soon!

Get ready! Registration opens on thanksgiving and the first 50 registered participants will be entered in a limited raffle for a thumb compass that the winner will get at check in! Surprise!

You’ve got maps!

Did you know that the Spring-O team shares our orienteering maps to help provide more opportunities for Scouts to have fun orienteering or to work on rank advancement & orienteering merit badge. There is even a section on the website where we share ALL of our merit badge teaching material (best on the web)
Click for our Map library
Be a map contributor!Help us improve and build out more maps! You can contribute by simply marking up changes on paper and submit for revisions or even jump into one one our early map projects and learn some CAD.  Contact us to see how you can help!
Spring-O reg opens on ThanksgivingThe biggest orienteering event in Central Texas is on Mar 2, 2024.  Register early for discounted registration and assure a camping spot at Lost Pines. If you just can’t wait, Cub Scouts are invited to the 2023 Cub-O on Nov 4. Contact us if you would like to help here.
Share this with your friends!Help us spread the word about the coolest sport you never hear of.  ORIENTEERING is fun, healthy and teaches real life skills!

Attend Spring-O and you will be entered into raffle for thumb compass!

Spring-O raffle for an Orienteering Thumb Compass (everyone is entered) and only 5 more days for early bird registration.

After midnight on 3/18/23, the early bird registration is over. The event at Lost Pines is coming up quickly, it’s less than 3 weeks away!

Register by end of day THIS SATURDAY to take advantage of early bird . 

For the first time we will raffle a thumb compass. thumb compasses are a great convenience when orienteering. See this video to see how easy a thumb compass makes orienting yourself on an orienteering map.  It’s less than 90sec long. 

All participants in attendance for the afternoon Awards Presentation will be eligible. 

Register now for a day filled with Orienteering fun!  You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have with a map and compass!

Lunch option added to 2023 Spring-O

For the first time, we have added a lunch option to the 6th annual Spring-O Orienteering event! You have the option on the registration form to add a hotdog meal that includes one hotdog, chips and Gatorade for $6 each. You can always bring your own lunch of course, but we highly recommend to make it quick and easy, like a sack lunch. The day is loaded with activity so you don’t want to bog yourself down preparing a meal on site. Can’t wait to see you!