Central Texas Spring-O, Sat March 19, 2022
Scout Orienteering Challenge
@ Lost Pines Scout Reservation

ALL Scouts, ALL Ages are welcome.  Scouters can run the courses as well!  Early bird registration fee until midnight Mar 5th 2022.

  • One page summary of 2022 event info here
  • Photos: 2021,  2020, 2019, 2018
  • Order T-shirts by 3/5/2022
  • Fun Orienteering Meet for SCOUTS
  • See registration page for new required Forms due to COVID
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  • Come as an individual, or a small group or the whole Troop/Pack/Crew!
  • Choose from three course difficulties : beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate
  • Night-O course (after dark race against the clock to find reflective markers)
  • Orienteering Merit Badge Clinic
  • Beginner Instruction
  • Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ATXorienteering/
  • Flyer to share with your scouts, here and Top 10 reasons to go Orienteering, here

The main event is the Spring-O Point-to-Point orienteering race during the day.

The Night-O is added for extra fun for Orienteers that stay later and to help Scouts get in another course toward their Orienteering Merit Badge.

Learn more about Orienteering and other local events @ Austin Orienteering Club: http://austinoc.com/Orienteering

Answers to FAQs (if you read the participant guide, it should answer most of your questions)

  • Who is invited?  All Scouts and Youth Organizations and Orienteering Clubs
  • How old do you have to be?  This event is for all scouts, all ages. Adults can compete too!   10 and under must be on the course with an adult. This should not imply that older scouts get dropped off, this is not a drop off event. Each group of scouts should have adult leadership present.
  • Do I need special instruction or skills to do this? No. if you can use a map to find the bathroom at the Zoo, you can navigate the beginners course. There is a beginners clinic at the event as well as a Merit Badge for BSA-Scouts. Novice can navigate the beginners course without a compass.
  • Camping is OPTIONAL.  If you’re not camping, just be sure to get here before check-in closes at 10:30am to get your start time and punch card.  You can leave when you are done with the course, and/or stay for Awards, and/or stay for the Night-O. 50% of participants typically just come for the day.
  • There is no food service.  There will be water available to fill your own bottles but you need to come prepared with your own food and/or snacks.
  • What is a Point-to-Point?  (sometimes called “Cross Country” An Orienteering event where 8-12 control points must be navigated to (in order) and punch-card punched to show evidence that you found each point.  Our Spring-O courses will range from 1.5 to 3.5 miles.  You can go at your own pace just for fun, or run as fast as you can and compete for the best time in your class (and a medal or ribbon to prove it!)
  • What is a Score-O?  An Orienteering event where participants search for as many control points as they can (worth varying points) within a time limit.  Participants should consider the point value and think about how they can maximize their points in the short time-frame.  Our Score-O will be 45 minutes.
  • What is Rec?  Rec is Recreational class/category for participants who are not competing.  You are timed but not eligible for a medal.  If you want to run in a group of more than 2, you are in the REC category.