When is the next Central Texas Spring-O?

Saturday March 25, 2023
@ Lost Pines Scout Reservation

What is Orienteering?

Who is Invited?

All Scouts and Youth Organizations and Orienteering Clubs

This event is for all scouts, all ages. Adults can compete too!  10 and under must be on the course with an adult. This is not a drop off event. Each group of scouts should have adult leadership present.

Courses Offered:

Warm-up: As part of check-in, you’ll receive a welcome packet. In that packet is a map of the immediate area with 8 control points for you to find. This is not timed or scored.

Point-To-Point: The main event of the Spring-O. A timed race where runners go through a series of checkpoints as they race to the finish line.

Score-O: Runners have a time limit to collect as many controls before time runs out.

Night-O: For Orienteers that stay later, same concept as Score-O, but different controls using reflective tape for night-time fun.

Courses Levels:

White: Easiest — for beginners, especially families with young children. Length: 2-3 km

Yellow: Easy — for experienced beginners, e.g. adults or teens with outdoor experience. Length: 3-5 km

Orange: Intermediate — a mix of easy and more challenging control points. Length: 4.5-7 km

Green: Advanced, medium length — difficult navigation, moderate physical challenge. Length: 4-7 km