Watch this space for WEBEL-O 2023

WEBEL-O is a Webelos Orienteering Event! Nov 5, 2022 @ Northeast Metro Park in Pflugerville. 9am to 1pm. Advance registration only, limited to 100 attendees. ***Register (closed). Learn more about Orienteering (video at the bottom of this page).

This is NOT a drop-off event. Adult leadership is required to stay with your scouts.

It is a half day event that is designed to let you have fun while introducing you to the best sport that you (may) have never heard of.  

Orienteering is the most fun you will ever have (with a map and compass), and beginners can come to the event without compass experience.  Orienteering is more about reading a map, understanding where you are and how you get to all of the points marked on the map as fast as you can.  If you can follow a map to find the restroom at the zoo, you will be a natural!

This event has four main activities and they run the whole time so you can come any time and stay as long as you want (9am to 1pm)

1.  Beginners Clinic runs every hour, for ~15-20 mins (9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm)

2.  MAZE-O: get a map of a short maze, follow the map to visit each point in the maze…as fast as you can! As shown in this video

3. Paracord Craft, Ranger Beads

4. Traditional white (beginner) course.   Get a map of the park, visit each point marked on the map, in order, and punch your card at each point. No specifically assigned start-times (just beat the crowds)

This event is sponsored by www.troop8787.org of North Austin/Pflugerville/Round Rock

What is Orienteering???