Attend Spring-O and you will be entered into raffle for thumb compass!

Spring-O raffle for an Orienteering Thumb Compass (everyone is entered) and only 5 more days for early bird registration.

After midnight on 3/18/23, the early bird registration is over. The event at Lost Pines is coming up quickly, it’s less than 3 weeks away!

Register by end of day THIS SATURDAY to take advantage of early bird . 

For the first time we will raffle a thumb compass. thumb compasses are a great convenience when orienteering. See this video to see how easy a thumb compass makes orienting yourself on an orienteering map.  It’s less than 90sec long. 

All participants in attendance for the afternoon Awards Presentation will be eligible. 

Register now for a day filled with Orienteering fun!  You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have with a map and compass!