Merit Badge Counselor Resources

Spring-O Orienteering Merit Badge Plan here This plan includes links to download the visual aids and other teaching suggestions. This is free to use; we would appreciate hearing if you found it useful.

Orienteering  Merit Badge (worksheet)

MBC Instruction Help: download the Mertit Badge Plan at the link above. Below are some direct downloads for your convenience.

Requirement 1: First Aid. Teaching aid HERE

Requirement 2: What Orienteering Is. We use a large poster printed on corrugated plastic.

Requirement 3: The Compass

Requirement 4: The Map

Requirement 5: Pace Count

Requirement 6: Control Descriptions and Orienteering Strategies

Requirement 7: Actually go Orienteering, 3 times and write up a report on how it went, how to do better.

Requirement 8: Setting your own course. If you are in our local area, use this base map and set a course at the Northeast Metro Park in Pflugerville. Or use a google map as a base map.

Requirement 9: Officiate at an event (run the starting area, finish area, score punch cards)

Requirement 10: Teach Orienteering Techniques

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